The two opened up about a variety of topics, from their upcoming wedding to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on sports
P.K. Subban and Lindsey Vonn
Credit: GP Images/Getty

Lindsey Vonn and P.K. Subban are finding ways to pass the time as they stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic — including answering their fans’ burning questions, right from the bathtub.

The couple, who got engaged in August 2019, used Instagram Live this week to open up about a variety of topics, from their upcoming wedding, the impact the coronavirus outbreak has had on the sports world, and how they’re preserving their mental health through it all.

During the livesteam, Vonn — an Olympic gold medalist in skiing — told her followers that she credited her dog, Lucy, with helping her battle depression during her career.

“I’ve definitely struggled with depression in my life and in my career, one thing that’s really helped me a lot is Lucy,” said Vonn, 35, said of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. “I think there’s just a lot to deal with when you’re an athlete.”

“It’s difficult with the pressure of wanting to succeed internally, but also the external pressure. You know, trying to be perfect,” she explained. “It’s hard to be what you want to be and not be concentrated on making everybody else happy. … It’s hard to just accept who you are and what you are, and doing the best you can is all you can do.”

Vonn said she believed if she had met Subban, a defenseman on the New Jersey Devils, earlier in life, he would have helped her as well.

“At the end of the day if you give 110 percent of what you have, then you just have to be happy with that,” Vonn said.

Subban, 30, said he has learned a lot about mental health since he and Vonn began dating in early 2018.

“My first kind of understanding of mental health was actually when I met Lindsey,” he explained. “For me, depression didn’t really exist for a long time. … As you grow older and you meet people and you understand that some of the most successful people in the world — I mean, Lindsey’s one of the most successful female athletes ever and suffers from depression. … So I think it’s important to have an open mind.”

“As much as I have a very positive attitude all the time, I have my not so great days too,” Subban told viewers on the livestream. “You can learn from so many people, I learn so much from Lindsey every day.”

While the two are looking forward to happy days ahead, namely getting married this summer, they admitted that the coronavirus outbreak could make things a “little bit difficult right now.”

One thing they won’t be able to enjoy this year is the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which were just postponed in response to the virus.

“I think that sports are really important in life to kind of give us something to look forward to,” Vonn said of the postponement. “I’m really hoping that the Olympics will happen soon”

Similarly, all major professional sports teams in the United States have suspended their seasons and related activities to protect players, staff and fans. The NHL recently extended their isolation period to April 6, but it may go on further if coronavirus continues to spread.

“I want to see all the people that are sick get healthy; I want to see all the people that are out of work get their jobs back,” Subban said of the uncertainty over whether the NHL season continues. He added, “Those things are just as important as me going back to work and working … Health has just gotta be in the forefront right now.”