"I just want to prove to everyone that I'm not my mistakes," Lexi Brumback says

Lexi Brumback from Netflix’s Cheer is opening up about why coach Monica Aldama gave her a second chance to be on the Navarro College cheer squad.

Fans who have already watched the docu-series will remember that Lexi was kicked off the squad after their big win at the NCA Collegiate National Championship in Daytona, Florida, when illegal substances were found in her car.

“I just want to prove to everyone that I’m not my mistakes,” Lexi says in a video released by Netflix on Thursday. “I’m what I make of them.”

The talented tumbler explained in the video that Monica has a “zero-tolerance policy” when it comes to her cheerleaders breaking rules, something that was touched upon in the show as well.

“It was a very sad day when we had to have that talk,” Monica said in the Thursday video, adding that both she and Lexi cried the day that she had to kick her off the squad. “We both knew that it was necessary, but we both didn’t want it to happen.”

“Her skill obviously is top-notch, she’s one of the best I’ve ever seen,” Monica said of her decision to let Lexi join again.

“But more importantly, I felt like she still needed me in her life, so when they reached out to me about giving her a second chance, I felt like not being able to come back in the fall semester, it was plenty of time for her to reflect and just get to a place where she kind of understood what she did wrong and where she needs to improve and decisions she needs to make,” the award-winning coach explained.

“She really saw my potential and just didn’t give up on me whenever I was making wrong decisions. I just really want to prove to her that she wasn’t mistaken when she took me back,” Lexi said. “I’m really glad she did.”

Lexi Brumback
| Credit: Netflix
Monica Aldama

The athlete added that the attention Cheer has gotten since its debut on Netflix has only made her want to strive to be the best she can be.

“The whole world is watching us now,” she said. “It really makes you want to do nothing but good and I just want to prove to everyone I’m not my mistakes. I’m what I make of them. It’s what I make myself into after that.”

In the final episode of Cheer, Lexi’s All Star coach and Navarro Cheer alum Calvin Beene explained what happened that led to her being kicked off the team: “I think they had a week of school left, and she got pulled over. She was in a car with a couple people. But there was some illegal stuff in the car, and Lexi’s the type of person to not snitch on anybody. So Lexi ended up taking the blame.”

Lexi Brumback
| Credit: Netflix

Aldama said in that episode that while there have “been multiple times where I’ve had to let people go” from the team, she doesn’t “ever just shut the door and tell them I’m done with them.”

“I want to help as many kids as I can. I mean, that’s the reason I do this job. That’s what brings me joy,” she added. “But you know, sometimes those kids make it through, and sometimes they don’t. And as much as I want to give them a second chance, if you don’t uphold the rules, then why have the rules?”

Lexi revealed that she was back on the team with an Instagram post on Jan. 14, about a week after she had posted a video of herself tumbling marking her “come back” to cheer after several months off.

“Honey, I’m home ?? #fiofmu,” she wrote in the caption for the snap, which featured her and fellow teammates TT Barker, Dillon Brandt, and Jeremiah Harris.