On Thursday, NBC delivered on its promise to get Leslie Jones to Rio

By Lindsay Kimble
August 11, 2016 10:55 AM
Leslie Jones/Twitter

On Thursday, NBC delivered on its promise to get Leslie Jones to Rio as the Saturday Night Live star touched down for Day 6 of the Summer Olympics.

Jones’ Twitter coverage of the Games thus far has been can’t-miss entertainment: from star-spangled outfits to hilarious motivational chants, the actress’ social media presence has even earned rave reviews from Olympians themselves, like Kerri Walsh Jennings.

Starting on Wednesday – after accepting the network’s invite to be a special correspondent – Jones began to document her journey to Brazil in a series of videos (all featuring an awesome, personalized bitmoji).

“We on the plane, we on our way … slay all day, U.S.A.,” Jones narrated one clip with a male friend, showing off her Team U.S.A. hat.

“Oh my God, you guys, we’re here… we’re in Rio. Oh my God, oh my God,” Jones, 48, excitedly announced after landing.

In another clip, Jones showed off her hotel, remarking, “I don’t see no damn Zika, nowhere.”

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She later added, “We’re across the street from the beach ya’ll, where epicness-ness is about to happen.”

The Ghostbusters star was invited to Brazil by Jim Bell, executive producer of NBC Olympics, who told USA Today that after seeing Jones’ tweets, he thought, ” ‘Well, wouldn’t it be interesting to bring her down here?’ ”

“She’s quite the super fan. So there you go,” he explained.

Bell added, “She’s in the family, as an SNL cast member. We thought it would be fun. SNL is on board. She’s on board.”