LeBron James on His Enduring Relationship with His Wife: 'She Was There with Me' Before Anything

"You wouldn't be talking to me right now if it weren't for her," LeBron James told The Hollywood Reporter, while praising his wife Savannah

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LeBron James wouldn’t be where he is today without the love and support of his wife — and high school sweetheart — Savannah.

The 33-year-old basketball star, who just signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, opened up about the major influence his wife has had on his life and success earlier this month — and again in The Hollywood Reporter’s latest cover story.

“We have been down since high school,” James remarked while attending Harlem’s Fashion Row gala, according to THR.

“I listen to a lot of rap music, and a good friend of mine said, ‘You wasn’t me with me shooting in the gym,’ ” he added, referencing a line from Drake’s verse on 2012 song “Stay Schemin,’ ” which seemingly addressed Kobe Bryant‘s then-estranged wife Vanessa.

Continuing, the athlete and actor remarked, “But in all actuality, Savannah was with me shooting in the gym when I [had] absolutely nothing.”

LeBron James - The Hollywood ReporterPhotographed by Kwaku Alston
Photographed by Kwaku Alston

James told THR in the new cover interview that his decision to reference Drake’s lyric had nothing to do with Bryant — it was just a fitting way to describe his enduring bond with his wife.

“[Savannah] was down when I was at my high school, no cameras, no lights. And she was there with me. You wouldn’t be talking to me right now if it weren’t for her,” he told the outlet.

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Days before the cover story was published, the happy couple — who share sons LeBron Jr., 13, and Bryce, 11, as well as daughter Zhuri, who will be 4 in October — celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

Announcing the happy news on social media, the basketball star acknowledged that while the couple had only been married for five years, they had been together for almost two decades.

“In all actuality going on 18 years,” he wrote on Instagram. “Happy Anniversary Queen.”

“Love you all the way through the 25th hour in life!” he added, alongside a series of sweet photos, including one of the professional athlete giving his wife a kiss on the forehead.

In a 2010 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Savannah revealed that the pair began dating when she was 16 — and that their first date was a trip to Outback Steakhouse.

While she went on to tell the outlet that their conversation that night had been “basic,” she went on to add that “I knew he loved me when I left my leftovers from dinner in his car.”

“I’d totally forgotten about them, and he brought them to me,” she continued, before admitting, “I think he just wanted another excuse to come and see me.”

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