Brad Pitt is set to wave the start flag at the elite auto race this weekend
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Technically, the celebrity attraction at the 24 Hours of Le Mans is Brad Pitt – who’ll officially wave the start flag on Saturday. However, this year the track is celebrity-packed in a way it hasn’t been for decades.

Not since its ’70s glory days when Steve McQueen and Paul Newman drove its challenging day-into-night-into-day course has the 110-year-old elite auto race exhibited such strong celebrity appeal.

Blame McDreamy.

A devoted racer, Patrick Dempsey‘s team had a strong second-place finish last year, which gave the race an unanticipated burst of interest. Track organizers quickly capitalized on the attention, naming Dempsey (who isn’t competing this year as a driver) the race’s 2016 Ambassador.

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But Pitt and Dempsey aren’t the only ones adding star power to the glitzy race.

On Wednesday, Keanu Reeves flew into Paris from Switzerland and headed over to Le Mans for the action.

According to local media reports, Reeves, who was invited by French tire giant Michelin, hopes to use the track weekend to introduce his Arch Motorcycle brand to French riders.

Action hero Jackie Chan rolled in on Friday, having become part owner of a racing team. The martial arts and action film star has had his own onscreen racing credentials as far back as 1984’s Cannonball Run 2.

“Welcome to the 24 hours of le mans Jackie Chan,” Pierre Fillon, president of the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, which organizes the race, partially captioned photos he posted Friday of Chan at the race.

And one more star turn to consider: The world’s most luxurious, most expensive production car – the Bugatti Chiron – will make an honorary tour of the classic 8.5-mile woodland track before the official start.

The cost of that ultra luxury vehicle? Slightly above $2.5 million. Careful where you park.