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February 20, 2014 01:45 PM

It was a record-breaking day Wednesday for the U.S. Women’s bobsledders.

For the first time in U.S. history, two women’s bobsled teams medaled at the Olympics, winning the silver and bronze medal.

“We pushed each other every step of the way and we wouldn’t be here without each other,” driver Elana Meyers, who won the silver with brake woman Lauryn Williams, told reporters Thursday.

With that win, Williams, a relative newcomer to the sport, also became only the fifth Olympian and third woman in history to medal in different events at the summer and winter Olympics.

Williams, 30, won the silver in the 100-meter dash in Athens in 2004, and was part of the gold medal winning team in 2012.

“To have a silver in 2004 and gold [in 2012] and a silver in 2014 is a dream come true,” Williams said.

Meyers and Williams lost the gold to Canada Wednesday by a tenth of a second.

“I’m still beating myself up a little bit,” said Meyers.

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Jamie Greubel and brake woman Aja Evans brought home the bronze. “We should be proud of what we accomplished,” Greubel said, adding, “This is only my second full season and this is Elana’s third.”

Even though the U.S. bobsledding team of Lolo Jones and Jazmine Fenlator placed eleventh, it was clear the bobsledders, who dubbed themselves the “Wolfpack,” were thrilled for their teammates.

Said Jones said of Williams: “I feel like I’m in the presence of Jesse Owens.”

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