The 16-year-old gymnast's coaches even filed an inquiry into the score

By Maria Mercedes Lara
August 15, 2016 03:40 PM
Laurence Griffiths/Getty

Laurie Hernandez took home the silver in the individual beam finals at the Rio Olympics, and a lot of people are not happy.

The 16-year-old gymnast delivered a stellar routine on Monday but got a score of 15.333, pretty much on-par with her qualifier score from last Sunday. Sanne Wevers from the Netherlands held out at the top spot with a score of 15.466, but many fans thought that Hernandez deserved to be in the top spot. In fact, Hernandez’s coaches submitted a request for an inquiry into the score – a process that involves the judges going back at their scores and showing what deductions they made and why.

Sadly, the inquiry was rejected, holding Hernandez’s score at 15.333. By the end of the competition, she was firmly in the silver spot, but fans on Twitter were not having it.

Read on for some of the shocked (and angry) reactions to Hernandez’s score.

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It was a dramatic event for all of Team U.S.A. as golden girl Simone Biles stumbled on the beam, shooting her down to the bronze spot. However, fans were less flabbergasted by Biles’ score as she clearly grabbed the beam, a deduction that is on the same level as a fall in the beam event.

Still, despite the fan reaction and the inquiry, Hernandez and Biles remained cheerful throughout the rest of the competition, happily chatting with one another on the sidelines. After the final winners were announced, Hernandez walked over to Wevers to offer her a hug and the two pleasantly chatted ahead of the medal ceremony.

Despite the disappointment of Hernandez fans, the win was a big one for Wevers as the Netherlands had never won a medal in any individual gymnastics events for women.