The Final Five member was promoting her children's book, She's Got This

By Sophie T. Stern
October 11, 2018 01:44 PM

Two time Olympic-medalist Laurie Hernandez has confirmed she is “currently training” for the 2020 Olympics.

The Final Five member, 18, confirmed the news on Thursday during an appearance on Good Morning America while promoting her children’s book, She’s Got This. “Cross your fingers for 2020,” said Hernandez.

The book’s title is inspired by her mantra, which first went viral during the 2016 Olympics.

“Whenever I’m competing I’m pretty much terrified,” Hernandez told Michael Strahan on GMA. “It’s making sure that I can calm myself down before I hop onto the equipment. For me, that’s a lot of self-talk and self-preparation, and it’s being my own hype-man. So when I was out there competing, I said, ‘I got this.’ And the camera really got a close-up of it. It captured this moment that I thought was really important.”

Although she took a break from the gymnastics world to win Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars and graduate high school, the 2020 Olympics — which will be held in Tokyo — have long been in Hernandez’s sights. In 2017, she told PEOPLE she had “such a good experience” at the 2016 Olympics, and “would love to experience that again.”

She’s Got This is a children’s book about resilience, a character trait that Hernandez credits to her Mom.

“She taught me to be grateful for every moment,” Laurie tells PEOPLE in 2017. “There was one competition where I fell multiple times, and it was a really big meet. She just said, ‘Look at where you are, let’s celebrate.’ And we got ice cream.”

Her book isn’t the only example of Hernandez inspiring her young fans. Recently, she released a body-positive clothing line with JCPenney, and received a lookalike Barbie doll from Mattel.

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“She has my curls! She has my eyes! She has my nose!” Hernandez gushed to PEOPLE in August. “It’s incredible to look at because when I was a little girl, I would play with Barbie dolls that had my hair color and my eye color. But this one really does look like me and I think it’s gonna resemble a lot of little girls out there.”

She continued, “As a little girl I was pretty self conscious about my curls and how crazy and frizzy and knotty they were. But as I got older I realized that my curls are beautiful and I should embrace them. Now that I have this doll that has hair like mine, it’s gonna have curls like many other people out there. I think that representation is a very big deal… It’s an honor.”

She’s Got This is available now.