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April 29, 2016 01:10 AM

Laremy Tunsil was expected to be one of the first players picked in Thursday night’s NFL Draft. However, at the last minute, was knocked down a several spots – and lost millions of dollarw – when a video of him using gas mask bong was posted to his social media accounts.

In a press conference following his selection at no. 13 by the Miami Dolphins, Tunsil, 21, said that his account had been hacked.

Not long after, photos of a screenshotted conversation between Tunsil and one of his coaches at Ole Miss appeared on the football player’s Instagram account. The photos have since been deleted.

Ben Liebenberg via AP

In the conversation, it appears that Tunsil accepts money for rent and his mother’s light bill from his coach, named John Miller in the screenshots.

Tunsil later admitted to accepting money from his coach.

Despite the incident, Tunsil said he was happy to be joining the Miami Dolphins and even set up a new Instagram account after deleting the original.

“For the person who hacked me this is only going to make me better,” he captioned a screenshot from the video in question.

The appearance of the video and text conversation weren’t the only things muddying his draft day. On Tuesday Tunsil’s stepfather filed a lawsuit accusing the offensive tackle of assaulting him last June and defaming his character, CBS Sports reports.

According to CBS, Tunsil admitted to punching the his step-dad, but said that it was in defense of his mother, who had been pushed by his stepfather after an argument.

However, all seemed to be resolved by August of the same year, as both men reportedly agreed to drop the charges they had filed against each other.

Tunsil stepfather claims in his newest suit that the alleged assault and defamation of character were an “intentional infliction of emotional stress.”

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