Lamar Odom Calls New Basketball Career in China 'Another Chance in Life' After 'Those Hard Years'

"My heart warms up now I can finally share with you all that I'm returning to play basketball," Lamar Odom wrote on social media, two weeks after initially confirming his career move

Lamar Odom is heading back to the basketball court!

Two weeks after the 38-year-old former Los Angeles Lakers player first announced he was moving to China to play basketball professionally in a now-deleted social media post, Odom shared the good news again.

“I have some good news to share with you on this beautiful day from The Netherlands,” Odom wrote. “My heart warms up now I can finally share with you all that I’m returning to play basketball. I will be playing in China! God is good!”

“Thanks lord for giving me another chance in life,” he wrote, before also expressing his gratitude for the fans who have stood by him through “all those hard years.”

Continuing, he wrote: “Never give up on yourself and keep believing that only God can create the miracles you’re hoping for. Basketball and my children have always been the light in my life and this is where my focus is right now.”

Although Odom declined to say which team he would be playing for in China, he gave former NBA player Stephon Marbury a special shout out, thanking him for “being my inspiration.”

After leaving the NBA, Marbury has gone on to play for several teams in the Chinese Basketball Association, including the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons and the Beijing Fly Dragons.

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

On July 11, Odom first announced he had accepted a new management deal with the 90 Plus Group that would relocate him to Shenzhen, China.

“It’s a huge step for me and I feel so happy to be writing new episodes of my life in another country that’s so HUGE in basketball,” Odom wrote in the now-removed post, captured by The Shade Room. ” I feel so overwhelmed and blessed.”

Odom had previously been spotted on the merchandising and intellectual property brand’s social media feed weeks before his announcement.

Earlier this week, Odom was present for a shooting that took place at a Hooters restaurant in Queens, New York, an NYPD public information officer confirmed to PEOPLE.

Following the incident, Odom let his fans know that he was “not involved in any way” with what happened.

“I want to let my fans know that I am OK. Thanks for your messages I will try to respond to as many fans I can,” he wrote in a message on Instagram. “Just to share the ‘truth’ here with you all. I was near the scene when it just happened and not involved in any way! Thanks, Lamar Odom.”

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