Lakers' Jeanie Buss Says She Has Dreams of Friend Kobe Bryant That Make Her 'Feel Like He's OK'

"I would give anything to go back and have Jan. 26 never take place," Buss told sports announcer Joe Buck and actor Oliver Hudson on their podcast

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Los Angeles Lakers governor Jeanie Buss says she's had dreams of her longtime friend, NBA legend Kobe Bryant, that have helped to comfort her since his sudden and tragic death in January.

Buss was a recent guest on sports announcer Joe Buck and actor Oliver Hudson's Daddy Issues podcast, where she discussed Bryant and the loss of her father, former Lakers owner Jerry Buss, who died of kidney failure in 2013.

"There have been moments in the last seven years that I've had these very visceral dreams where either I'm going through some stress or I feel I'm not confident in a decision or whatever and there'll be an appearance [of my father]," Buss said, as noted by the Los Angeles Times. "Or sometimes out of nowhere I'll run into a person or see somebody and they'll come up, share a story about my dad that I've never heard. Or they'll send me a picture or something."

"It's like a trigger that then the good feelings come back," she explained. "This is what it was like when he was around. How important that is for me."

Buss said she's also had dreams of Bryant since he, his 13-year-old daughter, and seven others died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas on Jan. 26.

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Jeanie Buss and Kobe Bryant.

"I've had a couple dreams about Kobe, too," Buss, who has held multiple executive roles with the Lakers throughout her career, said.

"It's like, those make me feel like he's OK," she added. "Like it's going to be OK."

The Buss family and Bryant have been connected since Jerry Buss approved a trade for the future Lakers star on the same day he was selected by the Charlotte Hornets in the 1996 NBA Draft.

Bryant remained on the Lakers throughout his entire 20-year NBA career, which came to a close in 2016 with a dramatic performance for the ages.

“I would give anything to go back and have Jan. 26 never take place,” Buss, 58, said on the podcast.

Buss also reminisced about former Lakers star Magic Johnson, and the lessons she learned from having a unique talent like him on the team.

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“I prayed to the skies above and I said if we ever get a player on our team like Magic Johnson again, I will never ever, ever take that player for granted,” Buss recalled of Johnson, who helped lead the Lakers to five NBA titles. “And then we got Kobe. "

"As heartbroken as I am, one comfort that I have is that Kobe knew how much we loved him and we told him and we retired his numbers. He never doubted that we were behind him 100 percent. That gives me some comfort," she continued. "We never held back the celebrating the greatness that was Kobe.”

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