"One thing that was really important was the moms, being able to make sure their essential needs were taken care of," Avery Bradley said

Avery Bradley
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While Avery Bradley of the Los Angeles Lakers spent the last few months watching his team win the NBA championship from afar, he still made a difference in a special way.

Before the Lakers traveled to Orlando in July to play out the rest of the 2019-2020 season while in isolation at Walt Disney World resort, Bradley made the decision to stay home with his family. The choice wasn't made lightly — Bradley's son has a respiratory condition, and he didn't want to risk catching coronavirus by entering the NBA's "bubble" (which ended up being extremely successful with zero positive coronavirus cases).

"It’s really hard not being there for my team," Bradley told Forbes in a recent interview. "But I’m able to share words of encouragement with those guys. I just try to support them in any way I can."

As he watched the Lakers progress through the playoffs without him by their side, the 29-year-old also saw the WNBA continue their season inside what they fittingly called the "wubble." But instead of playing at Walt Disney World, the league carried out a successful conclusion to its season at a Bradenton, Florida, boarding school.

Along with his wife, Ashley, Bradley reached out to the WNBA and their players' association to see if they needed any assistance with supplies. They especially want to help any mothers who were working inside of the wubble.

Avery Bradley
Credit: Jonathan Bachman/Getty

One thing that was really important was the moms, being able to make sure their essential needs were taken care of,” Bradley told Forbes. “They don’t make as much, obviously, and I wanted to see if I could be of service to them to be able to assist in any way I could so they could focus on just basketball.”

The couple then took it upon themselves to buy more than $30,000 in items for the players, including video game consoles, playpens for children, art supplies and coloring books. They also sent board games, books, ping pong tables and a bounce house, and other supplies, the outlet reported.

The kind-hearted gesture was appreciated by many of the WNBA players inside of the campus.

"Avery Bradley, underscoring the importance of family time, surprised W players with loads of indoor and outdoor games and other special touches that enriched the experiences of player-moms and their little ones," Terri Jackson, the WNBPA's executive director, told Forbes.

The Seattle Storm eventually went on to beat the Las Vegas Aces 92-59 in Game 3 of their best of five series on Oct. 6.

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Bradley's Lakers also went performed exceptionally well, losing only five games throughout the postseason to beat the Miami Heat in six games for the NBA title on Oct. 11.

According to Yahoo Sports, Bradley is seemingly still deciding if he'll accept his championship ring with the Lakers.

"Yes, [Lakers general manager] Rob Pelinka made me aware of the Lakers offering me a ring if they win the championship," Bradley said. "It’s a very kind gesture on their part."

"Will I accept the ring? I’m neither here nor there about it," he continued. "I am 10 years in this league. The physical possession of a ring doesn’t make me feel like more or less of a person. I play basketball strictly for enjoyment and to add to the support of my family. Supporting them is exactly what I’m doing right now."