1 Month Before His Death, Kobe Bryant Was Spotted Helping Car Crash Victims in California

On December 13, 2019, the former Los Angeles Lakers player was spotted helping the victims of a vehicle crash in Newport Beach, California

Over a month before Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash, he offered up help after witnessing a car accident in California.

On December 13, 2019, the former Los Angeles Lakers player was spotted assisting the victims of a vehicle crash in Newport Beach, California, TMZ Sports reported at the time.

Footage obtained by the outlet showed Bryant, 41, speaking with those involved in the crash and helping direct traffic before the authorities arrived.

Bryant was also a good Samaritan the previous year when he witnessed a different car crash in Newport Beach.

Ryan Williams, who was involved in the 2018 incident, reflected on Bryant’s lasting kindness on Twitter over the weekend after learning of the athlete’s tragic death.

“Kobe witnessed someone crash into me at 65mph,” he wrote. “He ran to my car. He helped. Most of all, he was kind. A week later, he saw me and my family at Starbucks. He told my wife how lucky I was to be alive.”

From that time on, whenever we’d see him in Newport Coast, he continued to be kind,” he added. “A fist bump to my son … a high-five to my daughter … a word of wisdom to me.”

Kobe Bryant

Williams, a partner at Athletes First — one of the top football agencies in the world — added that from that point forward, Bryant never missed an opportunity to be friendly.

“Six months ago, he needed an assistant and I was asked if I knew anyone. One of ours joined him. Every chance he got, he’d tell me, ‘Cate is great!’ He’d literally roll down his window at a stoplight just to tell me that … including yesterday,” he added.

Williams said of Bryant’s death, “I will remember him for being legendary on the court. But more than anything, I will remember him for being kind … to me, to my family, and to so many friends in our community. He was driven beyond measure and that drive didn’t stop on the court.”

Kobe Bryant
Allen Berezovsky/Getty

Williams also reflected on his family’s relationship with Christina Mauser, a girls basketball coach of Harbor Day School in Orange County, who was also killed in the crash.

“When my wife was on bedrest with our twins for months, Christina was the most frequent visitor. A smile, a laugh, a good story…she had it all. In scary times, she was always a good day. In good times, she always made it a great day,” he wrote.

“She made everything better. You’d always end an interaction with her by thinking, ‘She really is the best,’ ” he added. “It was no surprise that Kobe picked her. He saw greatness in her like he saw in so many others. She truly was special. Praying for Matt, their kids and all the families mourning today.”

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