Taylor Crozier's first shot on Woods's new course was pretty perfect

March 03, 2016 11:25 AM

Taylor Crozier has yet to finish seventh grade, but he’s already schooling his elders on the golf course.

The Corpus Christi, Texas, native earned the chance to play alongside golf legend Tiger Woods in the inaugural round at the Playgrounds at Bluejack National in Montgomery, Texas (a course Woods himself helped create) as a PGA Junior.

On the course’s first hole, Crozier stepped up to the tee and sent the ball sailing – it landed just a few feet away from the hole, then rolled right into it.

His hole-in-one was met with instantaneous cheers – and a huge hug from Woods.

“Are you kidding me right now?” Woods said after congratulating Crozier.

Woods was still so excited after the day at the course was over that he tweeted out the video:

Clearly, it was a day to remember – for Woods and the young golf prodigy.

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