Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg Get Hilariously Schooled in Martial Arts by 9-Year-Old Twin Boys

"That just looks like you're constipated," said one of the twins while teaching Hart basic karate skills

It's not every day you see Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg get schooled by a couple of kids.

The duo got a brief tutorial in martial arts from twins Oliver and Jonathan Ho on Thursday's episode of their Peacock show Olympic HIghlights with Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg — and the talented 9-year-old boys, also known as the "Twinjas," didn't hold back.

In the video, the twins taught Snoop Dogg, 49, and Hart, 42, some basic karate — one of the Olympics' newest sports — and taekwondo moves. Hart quickly became the target of Oliver and Jonathan's jokes when he struggled to grasp basic concepts, like horse-stance punching.

"That just looks like you're constipated," said one of the twins while taking the hosts through the different moves.

"What's your problem?" Hart chirped in response as his cohost giggled off to the side. The kids continued mocking the Night School star's stance with groaning noises.

Kevin Hart And Snoop Dogg

Next, Oliver and Jonathan walked through the proper technique for punching. To start, upper arms must be pulled in by the torso while forearms are extended.

Hart didn't seem to get the memo. "Not like a chicken," quipped one of the twins.

"Don't be constipated again," the other twin added in jest.

"What's y'all problem, man?" Hart joked. "Y'all come here for something else? Y'all came here for some action. Because you can get what you want. So if that's why you're here, tell me and I'll take this jacket off."

Kevin Hart And Snoop Dogg

For the final skill, the twins broke down a roundhouse kick. "We're going to teach you one of the most basic kicks for basic people like you," one twin said, pointing to Hart.

Hart gave it a try — but did not impress his young teachers.

"It's easy," he said as he attempted the trick while repeating the words "head kick!"

Neither twin was impressed. "That wasn't a head kick. No."

Kevin Hart And Snoop Dogg

At the beginning of the segment, the twins told the hosts that they admire Bruce Lee and his work ethic: "He had an empty cup and an empty mind."

"At 9 years old and to speak the way you spoke today is extremely impressive," said Hart. "Especially with the Bruce Lee breakdown and about how you are comparing it to a cup and you want to fill that cup up with knowledge of information, I'm blown away by that."

The kids landed one last jab before signing off: "I have absolutely no idea what you just said."

So, Hart jokingly pushed back. "You want it. So after this, after we break out of here, me and you, we're going to do a little thing called going to bat and we're going to see who's coming out alive."

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