Kelly Stafford on College Romance with Husband Matthew — and Why She Purposely Dated His Teammate

Kelly Stafford previously said that when her romance with Rams' player Matthew Stafford was on a break in college, she dated his University of Georgia teammate to "piss him off"

Matthew and Kelly Stafford
Matthew and Kelly Stafford. Photo: Kelly Stafford/Instagram

Kelly Stafford is elaborating more about her recent admission that she dated her now-husband Matthew Stafford's backup quarterback during their time at the University of Georgia.

Matthew, the Los Angeles Rams quarterback who led the team to a Super Bowl win last month, played the position while on the Bulldogs. And though he and Kelly have a happy marriage now, she told KFC Radio earlier this year that in their college days, their romance "went back and forth there for a little bit with the love-hate."

"I dated the backup to piss him off," she said at the time, laughing. "Like, that was the type of situation we were in."

Now, in a new interview with WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/660 AM New York's Carton & Roberts, Kelly went into more detail, clarifying that the mystery man in question was not Joe Cox but still not naming the athlete in question. .

"Matthew and I had a little fun in college," she explained. "Obviously, college relationships are tough, and when I first met Matthew he wanted no relationship at all. He wanted to have fun, and I was not that type of person."

"I always loved Matthew, and I told myself I had to move on because this isn't happening," she continued. "I started talking with the backup who was the complete opposite of Matthew, so it worked."

She admitted that she "did it on purpose." Said Kelly: "It wasn't a plot to begin with, but when I realized how it was working out, I didn't stop the relationship, just because I knew I had a little effect on Matthew. The guy wasn't all rainbows and a sweetheart back then."

Kelly and Matthew married in 2015 and are now parents to four daughters: twins Sawyer and Chandler, 4 ½, Hunter, 3, and Tyler, 20 months.

In a different conversation this week, Kelly spoke about grappling with her postpartum body after having kids for the first time, and how that affected her relationship with Matthew.

Acknowledging that she appreciated the "blessing" of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, Stafford said on Tuesday's episode of her podcast The Morning After that she had a hard time seeing other moms "snap back" so quickly when she felt like she did not, after giving birth to the twins nearly five years ago. Soon having Sawyer and Chandler, Stafford said she focused all her energy on trying to lose the pregnancy weight, but pushed her marriage to the side in the process.

"I was in a terrible place, and not only did I not have energy for Matthew, but I was so insecure about my body that I would not be naked near him... I could not do it," Stafford said. "I feel like he thought it was something with him and I'm like 'No, I just don't want s--- hanging."

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"It was really hard on our marriage because of my feelings toward my own body. Saying it out loud, it seems selfish, but that's where I was," she continued. "I was so insecure, I didn't understand why my body wasn't doing what I was seeing all these other bodies do, and I was also exhausted, because I'm trying to figure out how to take care of twins. I was in such a bad headspace, and I didn't know how to get out."

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