MLB Vet Keith Lockhart's Teen Son Undergoes 7th Surgery One Day After Leaving ICU for Baseball Injury: 'We Are Praying'

"Please continue to lift up Jason. He is tired of dealing with this stressful issue," sister Sydney Lockhart wrote on Facebook. Their father is former Braves infielder Keith Lockhart

Jason Lockhart, the 15-year-old son of former Atlanta Braves player Keith Lockhart, continues to fight for his health after a baseball that struck him in the face during a tournament game last month at one point landed him in the ICU and on a ventilator.

Jason’s sister Sydney has been providing regular updates on her brother on Facebook, and on Monday evening shared that he just endured his seventh surgery in 14 days — and the latest procedure came just one day after he was released from the ICU.

“Monday night: Jason was taken back to the operating room a couple of hours ago. This was his 7th procedure in these 14 days. He is out now and is feeling somewhat comfortable,” she wrote. “They were able to find a few areas that were acting up.”

Jason’s troubles began on June 17 when he was hit by a ball as he crossed home plate, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The catcher was throwing the ball to the pitcher when it broke Jason’s nose.

He was initially given stitches and released, but during a doctor’s appointment two days later his fractured nose began to bleed uncontrollably, revealing that there was also a tear in his artery. Jason then underwent surgery to repair the laceration and reset his nose.

However, doctors continued to have difficulty controlling his bleeding, and eventually placed him on a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital.

On June 29, Sydney shared that Jason was “awake,” but “having these really distressing tremors that won’t let him relax and sleep.”

“This has been such a traumatic 11 days physically, mentally, and emotionally for our sweet Jason. He is not in a lot of pain, just extremely uncomfortable, anxious, and exhausted,” she also wrote.

On Saturday, she shared a sweet image of herself holding Jason’s hand in his hospital bed, writing “These moments are so big to me. I would hold his hand for hours if he would let me. Love ya bud. You are one of my favorite blessings.”

Sydney Lockhart Facebook

A day later, on Sunday, Sydney sounded elated when she wrote that Jason was moved out of the ICU amid signs of improvement.

“Jason walked a good bit and did some balancing exercises. Also, today Jason was moved out of ICU! They moved him because they are hoping that he will be able to get much more rest (more than 4-6 hrs) in a regular room. He needs the rest,” she wrote.

The next morning, Sydney wrote that Jason’s nose started to bleed again, and that evening shared that “Jason was taken back to the operating room a couple of hours ago” as doctors cauterized and packed areas that were bleeding. She addeds that “doctors really want Jason to heal and clot on his own.”

Sydney also addressed the toll Jason’s health crisis has taken on the family, but says their faith is sustaining them.

“We are praying these next few days he is able to heal properly and fully. Please continue to lift up Jason. He is tired of dealing with this stressful issue. We all are,” she wrote. “We know that we are in fantastic hands here. We also know that our God is the ultimate Healer. We are calling to Him, asking for and trusting Him with Jason’s full recovery.”

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