Kate Upton Slams 'Misogynist Comments' After She Weighs in on World Series Game 6 Controversy

One fan who disagreed with Kate Upton's commentary told her to "stick to modeling"

Kate Upton is clapping back at people who criticized her for weighing in on a controversial call during Game 6 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals on Tuesday night.

The supermodel and wife of Astros pitcher Justin Verlander found herself being attacked on social media after she spoke up in support of the interference call on the Nationals’ Trea Turner.

“I LOVE talking about sports and reading all of the dumb misogynist comments. It reminds me that women need to keep fighting for equality,” she shared on Twitter Tuesday. “It’s 2019 but feels like the 1950s. #feminist.”

Kate Upton
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The call in question involved Turner, who was called out during the seventh inning for interference at first base. The Nationals disputed the call but their protest was denied, and team manager Dave Martinez was ejected from the game for blowing up on the umpires.

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton

While the drama unfolded at Minute Maid Park, Upton, 27, tried to explain the rule behind the call to her followers on Twitter.

“He wasn’t within the base path. Those who don’t know the rule you HAVE to run inside the 2 lines,” she explained, in support of the umpire’s initial decision. “Not sure why the review is taking so long…”

Her comment quickly drew the ire of many who opposed the ruling, with some calling her “nothing more than the losing pitcher’s wife,” and others telling her to “stick to modeling.”

The model did see some support from fans who also agreed with the call, many citing Rule 5.09(a)(11) of the MLB’s rule book, which states: “The lines marking the three-foot lane are a part of that lane and a batter-runner is required to have both feet within the three-foot lane or on the lines marking the lane. The batter-runner is permitted to exit the three-foot lane by means of a step, stride, reach or slide in the immediate vicinity of first base for the sole purpose of touching first base.”

However, the call was so contested it caused an uproar among fans and other MLB professionals.

“That is an absolutely awful call … what are we doin?” Jake Arrieta of the Philadelphia Phillies tweeted, while Jerry Blevins of the New York Mets wrote, “That’s a terrible call right there. You can’t take the action off the field in such a moment.”

Texas Rangers’ Delino DeShields Jr. also weighed in, tweeting, “You can’t make that call in the World Series. The ball took the 1st baseman off the base…”

Regardless, Nationals’ player Anthony Rendon immediately hit a two-run home run during the inning, and the team ultimately won the game 7-2.

Verlander, 36, and Upton married on Nov. 4, 2017, just days after the baseball pro pitched in the World Series that year — helping to secure the Astros’ first-ever MLB championship win, against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Last year the couple welcomed their first child together, their now 11-month-old daughter Genevieve.

Verlander will be back on Wednesday night as the teams face off again for Game 7 of the World Series at Minute Maid Park at 8 p.m. local time.

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