Kate Hansen Has Beyoncé to Thank for Her Killer Dance Moves

The U.S. luger busts a move to Queen Bey before every race

Photo: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty; Robin Harper/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP

Every athlete has his or her own way of warming up for the Olympic Games and Kate Hansen is no exception. The U.S. luger, 21, gets her “mojo” going to the sounds of Beyoncé.

“My girl, B – she just gets me fierce and I get stoked and I have to,” Hansen told NBC Sports when asked about her unusual (and funny) warm-up routine.

“I have good mojo going on, so it’s just how I roll,” she said with a big smile.

Hansen, whose free-spirited dance moves are making headlines, says she isn’t shy about her warm up routine – she’s going to dance like no one’s watching! Check her out below.

“Honestly I’m in my own world … I’m completely in my own world – and it doesn’t matter who’s staring – I’m still going to dance,” she said.

Hansen called the Winter Games in Sochi “an absolute dream” and added that it’s “probably the most fun I’ve ever had sliding.”

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