The band said it was attempting to depict a rival mascot battling a starship
Credit: Orlin Wagner/AP Photo

Kansas State University has apologized for a halftime performance Saturday in which its marching band inadvertently appeared to form the shape of male genitals.

The band said it was attempting to depict the Starship Enterprise battling a jayhawk, the mascot for rival University of Kansas, during a space-themed set on their way to a 34-0 victory over South Dakota.

But in the process of all those moving people on the field, fans in the stands said they saw a different shape.

Both the marching band and university president soon apologized.

Band director Frank Tracz then released a sketch of the attempted formation on Facebook.

“If I am guilty of anything it would be the inability to teach the drill in a manner that these young people could have succeeded,” he said.