"I get tested like everybody else, and I am back here," Justin Gatlin said
Credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Image

Lilly King has a new competitor in Olympic shade.

Justin Gatlin has responded to the swimmer’s comment that he should not be allowed on the U.S. Men’s Track and Field team after two doping-related suspensions.

“I don’t even know who Lilly King is,” Gatlin, 34, said on Friday, according to USA Today. “She does swimming, not track and field, so I’m not worried about that.”

The comment came after 19-year-old King slammed Gatlin, regarded as Usain Bolt‘s main opponent, for his four-year doping suspension in 2006. He also received a one-year ban in 2001 for having traces of amphetamines in his system, USA Today reports.

“Do I think people who have been caught for doping offenses should be on the team? No, I don’t,” King said. She also called out Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova for doping. (King went on to beat Efimova in 100-meter breaststroke, nabbing the gold medal.)

“It should be set in stone. There should be no bouncing back and forth.”

But Gatlin said he has returned to the Olympics with a clear conscience.

“I have confidence in my policies that I’m with,” he said, according to USA Today. “I have come back and done what I need to do.”

He added: “I have worked hard just like everybody else, and I get tested like everybody else, and I am back here. I believe in the system.”