David Beckham's daughter Harper Seven is a big fan of the musician

By Helen Murphy
March 04, 2020 11:00 AM

In the middle of Beckham’s interview with host Ellen DeGeneres, the soccer star’s pal Justin Bieber jumped out of a box right next to him.

Beckham, 44, had just finished telling a story about his family visiting Bieber’s house to trick-or-treat last Halloween when the musician popped out from his hiding spot.

The retired athlete was hilariously startled as Bieber jumped out and yelled, but quickly recovered to stand up and give his friend a hug.

“Sorry, they wanted me to do it!” Bieber, 26, said, before exiting the stage. “I gotta go!”

“I really didn’t think that was gonna happen,” Beckham told DeGeneres. “I know you all love him, he’s the most amazing human being. He really is. For someone to have achieved what he’s achieved and still be an amazing person and to be doing what he’s doing. I always gauge it off how people are to kids, to my kids. And he has been so kind to my kids over the years, it’s great to see him back.”

David Beckham and Justin Bieber on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Last month, Beckham’s daughter Harper Seven — one of Bieber’s biggest supporters — attended a fan-exclusive acoustic concert with the musician in London.

Beckham gave his Instagram followers a glimpse into the intimate evening, first sharing a photo of his smiling daughter rocking a white hoodie from Bieber’s Drew fashion label, followed by a video that showed Harper approaching the singer on the stage. There, Bieber gave the 8½-year-old a sweet hug and a kiss on the top of the head before returning to his set.

Beckham also shared another clip of Harper and her big brother, Cruz David, 15, singing along to the pop star’s hit “Love Yourself.”

David Beckham/Instagram
David Beckham/Instagram
David Beckham Instagram

On Halloween, Beckham and three of his four children — Harper, Cruz and Romeo, 17 — had stopped by Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin‘s house to trick-or-treat, after Bieber posted an Instagram Story that said he was serving snow cones for the holiday.

“Someone got her snow cone,” David captioned a photo of Harper — who dressed as Billie Eilish — happily holding her frozen treat. “Highlight of her night …”

“Thanks @justinbieber & @haileybieber,” he added.