Julia Louis-Dreyfus is breaking out her infamous dance moves again — and for great reason
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is breaking out her Seinfeld character’s signature dance moves again — and for great reason!

Not only has the actress’ alma mater, Northwestern, clinched its spot in the NCAA March Madness Tournament for the first time in school history, but her 19-year-old son Charlie Hall is on the team.

When the NCAA bracket was announced Sunday, with the Wildcats as an 8-seed in the West Regional division, Louis-Dreyfus celebrated with the infamous Elaine dance, described by George Costanza as a “full-body dry heave set to music,” on Twitter.

“We’re going to the dance, boys!” she captioned the hilarious gif.

The Veep star was spotted adorably cheering on her son from the stands Thursday as he and the Wildcats took on Rutgers’ Scarlet Knights in the Big 10 Tournament.

As the Wildcats closed in on their win, ESPN2 opted for a split screen of the court and the 56-year-old actress. In a Twitter video of the footage, the sweater and glasses-clad mom was shown recording her son on her cell phone. When Hall jumped to grab a rebound, she cheered and raised a hand in the air.

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Louis-Dreyfus has also been at several other games with her husband of 29 years, Brad Hall, who is also a Northwestern alum.

The couple have two sons, Charlie and 24-year-old Henry.

The actress raved about her athlete son to the Chicago Tribune in January, saying that she and Hall never miss a game “either physically or on TV.”

“We think he is outstanding in every regard. we’re his biggest fans,” he said.

Charlie told the publication that his mom’s Seinfeld fame has followed him to college — students often ask him to do “The Elaine Dance.”

The Wildcats will face No. 9 Vanderbilt in their first round game on Thursday in Salt Lake City.