The figure skater and "happy husband" says he hopes to compete in the 2014 Olympics

By Liz Raftery and Janine Rubenstein
Updated January 20, 2012 03:15 PM
Credit: TwitPic

Johnny Weir announced Thursday that he will return to competitive figure skating with the hopes of competing in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia – and says his new husband is the biggest supporter of his goal to get back on the ice.

“We’re very proud of this decision and it won’t affect anything,” said Weir, 27, who wed Victor Voronov in December. “I’ll still wash boxers and cook dinner and clean the house and do everything I’m supposed to do as a happy husband.”

Weir, who has not competed since the 2010 Olympics, said during a press conference that giving up his domestic newlywed routine will prove difficult, but that he’s up for the challenge.

“I’ve been very free and running around and doing whatever I want and that’s very fulfilling and lovely,” he adds. “It gave me the opportunity to fall in love and get married and build a beautiful life for myself. But going back into competition, it will be so tough to give up a lot of the extracurriculars and only skate and only focus on the program … I’m not excited about it, but I’m prepared for it.”

“It’s very nice to come home and have somebody there that’s excited to see you and that you’re excited to see,” adds Weir on married life. “I’m very fulfilled, I’m very happy, and I feel like I have a partner in crime going into all of this craziness.”

But while he’s found satisfaction in his personal life, Weir, who is known for his flamboyant costumes and routines, says he hasn’t lost his professional competitive edge.

“I’ve done very well for myself as a figure skater, but I still have the drive to compete,” he adds. “First place, 20th place, it doesn’t matter. My own personal feelings will be completely fulfilled with even the process of trying to compete again.”

Weir plans to train in Hackensack, N.J., and hopes to begin participating in local competitions by the summer. His training regimen will include three hours of skating a day, plus off-the-ice workouts to “try to get myself skinny and beautiful and artistically prepared for the crazy world that is competitive figure skating.”

“I want to show up and be competitive and actually take this seriously,” the Skating with the Stars judge said. “This isn’t a publicity stunt.”

“I don’t expect instantaneous results,” he admits. “I expect hard work.”

Given his new training schedule, some hard work will fall on his mother-in-law as well. After quietly tying the knot at a New York City Courthouse last month, Weir and Voronov are still planning to have a larger ceremony this summer, and she is in charge of planning the event.

“The actual ceremony was very simple and very subdued, and I know at least my family is expecting icicles and fur and craziness for my wedding,” Weir said. “So, you know, being as happy as I am and loving everybody that I surround myself with, I want to do a special party for them.”