February 07, 2018 02:51 PM

Deciding what to pack for a trip can be tough, but packing for the Olympics? Nearly impossible!

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski, the figure skating commentators for the NBC Sports primetime booth at the 2018 Winter Olympics, sat down with PEOPLE to discuss just how many suitcases they are going to bring with them to PyeongChang.

“When we get there combined it’s like twenty-something suitcases.” Lipinski revealed to PEOPLE.

Added Weir: “We’re going to bring everything, we’re going to bring every shoe that we own.”

This is the first time that the duo will provide Olympic commentary for the NBC Sports primetime booth, but neither are new to Olympic competition. Weir is a two-time Team USA Figure Skating Olympian, and Lipinski became the youngest individual Olympic gold medalist ever with her figure skating win at the 1998 Winter Olympics.

BFFs Lipinski and Weir have gained popularity for their on-screen compatibility, straightforward commentary, and their fashion sense.

As for fitting all of their fashionable outfits in suitcases while packing for their monthlong gig in PyeongChang, Weir is a little jealous of his professional partner.

“Tara’s lucky because her clothes are about this big when folded,” Weir joked while holding up his hands just inches apart. “I mean, I’ve got big man sweaters.”

The 2018 Winter Olympics will air live starting Feb. 8. To learn more, visit teamusa.org.

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