Joe Biden Congratulates the U.S. Soccer Team After World Cup Win

Photo: Courtesy Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden embraced the World Cup spirit Monday night when he congratulated the U.S. soccer team after their win over Ghana.

“This is a kick, man,” he jovially told the players in the locker room following their upset victory.

The second-in-command watched from the stands in Brazil as the U.S. team defeated Ghana 2-1. Later, he was all smiles when he congratulated the group on their surprise win, which was kicked off (literally) when forward Clint Dempsey scored a goal just 29 seconds into the game.

“He looked happier in that first goal … than the night I won the election,” Biden joked to the celebrating players inside the locker room.

Biden made his World Cup experience a family affair, watching the game with one of his granddaughters and a young nephew, to whom he introduced the players after the game.

“Congratulations, you guys were great,” Biden told the triumphant teammates. “Just spectacular.”

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