JJ Watt Posed with His Brothers Before Their Teams' Sunday Game: 'Started in the Backyard'

"Dream Come True," Derek Watt wrote on social media

JJ Watts
The Watt Brothers. Photo: JJ Watts/ Instagram

Football and family.

JJ Watt and his brothers, Derek and T.J. Watt, shared a special moment on Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Sunday ahead of their teams' match-up.

In the image, JJ — defensive end for the Houston Texans — stands in between his brothers, who both play for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Watt, 31, wrote on Instagram, "Started in the backyard ..."

TJ also posted the photo, writing in the caption, "Today was one for the books!!" Derek posted another image, this one of the siblings suited up in their uniforms, writing, "Dream Come True."

According to Yahoo Sports, Sunday's outing was only the second time since 1927 that three brothers played in the same NFL game. The other most recent time was last year when the three Edmunds brothers' teams played each other.

The Steelers ultimately defeated the Houston Texans, 28-21.

In March, Derek, 27, signed a three-year deal to join his younger brother, T.J., 25, as a fullback on the Steelers, leaving the Los Angeles Chargers after a four-year stint, according to ESPN.

At the time, Derek told ESPN he would love the opportunity to play alongside all of his brothers.

“It would be something incredibly special for my family if we could all three, somehow, someway get together on the field in the same uniform.”

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