The 12-year-old boy received a major endorsement for his brand of make-believe chips

By Jason Duaine Hahn
May 23, 2019 06:53 PM
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mizzen+Main

A 12-year-old boy who created a brand of chips for a school project ended up getting a real-life endorsement from Houston Texas star JJ Watt.

According to Click2Houston, Harold Cryar Intermediate School teacher Paula Trippel tweeted to the Texans defensive end on Tuesday to let him know her class had created products for an assignment that required an advertising technique, and one student had chosen him as a celebrity endorsement for his brand of “Energy Chips.”

“My class created products and had to use an advertising technique, one of my students chose celebrity endorsement… Look who he chose!” Trippel wrote in her tweet, which included an illustration of what the package for the snack would look like. “Thanks for being such a great role model for our future!”

But not only did Watt see Trippel’s tweet, he also sent her back a video of him holding a bag of Energy Chips (he printed out the illustration), with a full-on endorsement of the product.

“Well, hello there,” Watt begins in his faux commercial, shot at the Texans’ team facility. “When I’m feeling like I’m lacking a little energy, I grab Energy Chips. With 50 percent less sugar, their nutritious, and only one bag a day gives you all the energy you need, all day. They keep me hype — and they’re delicious!”

He even had teammate, Will Fuller, sign off on the snacks, too.

“Haha that’s awesome,” Watt wrote in his response to Trippel. “Had a couple extra minutes during lunch break today, so I figured maybe this would help boost his grade on the project. I also brought on a second endorser, but we need to work on his script a bit.”

The sixth-grader who came up with the chips, Orlando Garza, told the news station that he never thought his project would ever make it to Watt himself.

“That little tweet. He could of just read it, but he made a whole video,” Garza told Click2Houston. “I was shocked.”

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So far Garza has watched the video of the NFL star endorsing his chip dozens of time. Though he is still in grade school, he already has dreams of becoming an entrepreneur — with his first product being a real-life version of Energy Chips, of course.

“It was a good teaching moment because I was able to go, yeah, never give up,” Trippel told the news station of the project. “Do what your heart says and see what happens from there.”

In a follow-up tweet, she said Garza has no worries about what his grade will be for his healthy snack.

“Definitely have to give an A on this project!” she wrote to Watt. “You made our day and one student extremely excited and also many teachers!!! Thanks again for doing so much for the future generations!”