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July 31, 2017 09:19 AM

What do you do when your co-worker doesn’t believe dinosaurs existed? Call him out on Twitter, of course.

At least, that’s what NFL star JJ Watt did.

Watt, 28, tweeted on Saturday that one of his Houston Texans teammates thinks dinosaurs never existed.

“Our lockers have been next to each other for over a year and I just found out [D.J. Reader] doesn’t believe in dinosaurs. Says fossils are fake,” he wrote.

Reader, 23, responded, ‘Don’t knock my theories man.” Then, as Watts’ 3.76 million followers inundated him with tweets, he followed up with, ‘Look what you started man.’

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One Twitter user offered to take Reader to the Houston Museum of Natural Science so they could check out some fossils – but Reader said he wasn’t interested in changing his opinion.

“Science isn’t always an absolute truth some man taught us science too but you got it lol I’m good with my thoughts,” he tweeted

Reader isn’t the only athlete to deny proven scientific facts. Back in February, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving said on his podcast that he believes the world is flat.

For Kyrie, it was reporters, not Twitter users, who tried to pin him down on his beliefs. But, Kyrie wouldn’t budge.

“The fact that it’s a social phenomenon, that Kyrie thinks the world is flat, is hilarious,” Irving told reporters in February. “Does it matter to you that I believe the world is flat?”

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