NBA Player Jeff Teague Earns $8.8 Million ... And Lives in His Parents' Basement

Jeff Teague returned to Indianapolis hometown to play for the Indiana Pacers – and to the nest

Photo: Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty

NBA contract to play for your hometown Indiana Pacers? $8.8 million. Endorsement gig with Adidas? Likely a nice chunk of change. Living in your parents’ basement? Priceless.

Apparently there’s no place like home for Jeff Teague, 28, who this month got traded from the Atlanta Hawks to his hometown team, the Pacers.

Teague had purchased a home in Indianapolis some years ago but when he re-signed with Atlanta in 2013, he gave the house to his parents, he told Fox Sports 97.5 FM.

Now that he’s sold his house in Atlanta and is back in town, Teague said he has moved back in with his mom and dad for the whole season, and he’s even letting them (or maybe they’re making him?) keep the master bedroom.

“They got the master,” he said. “I just got the basement.”

On the plus side, he gets to stay out as late as he wants. “I don’t think I’ve had a curfew since I turned 18,” he says.

Another advantage? No yardwork! “My dad mows the lawn,” Teague said, “So I got out of that one.”

No word on if any home-cooked meals are included in the arrangement.

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