Cleveland Browns' Jarvis Landry and His Daughter Encounter Baby Deer — and the Video Goes Viral

Jarvis Landry and his daughter, Joy, returned to their garage from a walk to find a baby deer awaiting them

Jarvis Landry
Photo: Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty

Jarvis Landry and his daughter Joy made a special new friend after a normal afternoon stroll.

The Cleveland Browns receiver, 26, took his daughter, 2, out for a walk when upon returning home, they found a baby deer in their garage.

Landry recorded as Joy walked through the front yard with the baby deer closely following her behind. The clip was shared on the Cleveland Browns’ Twitter account.

“Who’s your new friend?” the NFL player asked while recording the adorable encounter between the pair. “You got a new friend?”

Joy led the baby deer up near the front of the house, seemingly completely unafraid of the animal.

“Aww,” Landry added of the unexpected bonding between the two.

The following day, he told about the nature of the encounter.

“I went to the garage and when I came out of the garage they were already best friends,” Landry told the outlet.

“She wasn’t (afraid),” he added. “I was more afraid than she was.”

However, the father and daughter opted not to give their new friend a name — although a second encounter could change that.

“If he comes back we’ll definitely give him a name for sure,” Landry said to

Landry made four Pro Bowls and set a record for 400 career receptions through his first four seasons.

In 2018, he was traded to the Browns for a $47 million guaranteed, five-year contract, with an additional $75.5 million extension.

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