Jami Gertz, best known for her roles in The Lost Boys, Square Pegs, Sixteen Candles and Seinfeld, is married to Tony Ressler, a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks

While the Phoenix Suns made franchise history with their first-ever No. 1 draft pick, the biggest hit of the night was an unexpected star sighting.

Actress Jami Gertz, best known for her roles in The Lost Boys, Square Pegs, Sixteen Candles and Seinfeld, had many on Twitter talking as she represented the Atlanta Hawks during Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery in Chicago.

“I’m very excited,” Gertz told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday. “We got one life. Why not be the one who gets to go be a lottery-pick (representative)? We’ve been the owners for three years now, and I feel like this is the first time we’ve taken ownership. With Lloyd and Travis being amazing hires, we are kind of like putting our stamp on it. Hopefully it will go my way (Tuesday) night, and I will continue to put my stamp on it.”

During her appearance, some viewers had waves of nostalgia as they recalled some of the ’80s star’s acting credits — and others expressed shock and disbelief on Twitter (she was even one of the night’s trending topics!) that Gertz’s husband, Tony Ressler, is a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks since June 2015.

Actress Dana Delaney jokingly tweeted, “Phew. My longtime friend Jami Gertz is trending and it’s good news!”

Jami Gertz
| Credit: Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty

Ressler had requested for the actress to be in attendance at the Draft on behalf of their team. “She’s been responsible for all my luck for the past 30 years,” Ressler told AJC.

And she did bring the Hawks some good luck! The team landed the No. 3 overall pick.

Gertz even wore a red ribbon on her bra to ward off evil spirits.

Jami Gertz and husband Tony Ressler

“A lot of pressure. And I’ve had a lot of pressure in my life. I’ve done live theater. You’ve got to come up with the goods night after night, which is a lot of pressure. Tony Ressler seems to feel like I’m his gal,” Gertz told AJC.