Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, thanks Internet, it's bobsled time

By Alex Heigl
Updated January 21, 2014 01:30 PM
Credit: Nekesa Mumbi Moody/AP

Cool Runnings endeared the Jamaican bobsled team to viewers in the early ’90s, but the real team has continued to face trouble.

Though they qualified for the Winter Olympics this year for the first time since 2002, financial issues threatened to keep them at home. “We have not come close to covering our costs,” Chris Stokes, general secretary of the Jamaican Bobsled Federation, told ESPN.com on Monday.

“We have many outstanding obligations, and we have to pay [for] three more weeks of training. We’ve had very lonely days when we struggled to make ends meet by borrowing equipment. Our guys haven’t had the proper jackets.”

Stokes added that the team will pay for its way to Sochi, and the local organization committee will handle the athletes’ needs once in Russia, but the team still needed $80,000.

Enter Reddit, the rest of the Internet and a whole lot of people who love Cool Runnings.

A collection page was set up on crowd-funding site Crowdtilt, and as of Tuesday morning, it’s raised a staggering $120,330, well over the team’s stated goal of $80,000.

Monday, Crowdtilt CEO James Beshara told ESPN that about 70 percent of contributions have come from U.S.-based credit and debit cards in at least 42 states.

That’s what we call good sportsmanship.

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