How Tara Lipinski Surprised BFF 'Bridesman' Johnny Weir on Her Wedding Day: 'She's the Most Caring Person I Know'

Tara Lipinski surprised BFF bridesman Johnny Weir at her own wedding

Tara Lipinski sure knows how to make a “bridesman” feel special.

On her wedding day, the former Olympic figure skater treated collaborator and best friend Johnny Weir, a two-time Olympic figure skater, to an assortment of special gifts.

“Despite it being Tara and Todd’s day, she found so many ways to surprise me!” Weir, 32, told PEOPLE shortly after Lipinski tied the knot with sports producer Todd Kapostasy in Charleston on June 24. “Tara really thought of everyone for her wedding and reception. She wanted everyone to have the best night of their lives.”

The bride, who has been besties with Weir for four years, designed a glittering boutonniere to match his custom Swarovski crystal-studded Hermès shoes — which she gave him ahead of her nuptials.

“My special flower made me so happy,” gushed Weir, who donned a soft blue Andrew Morrison suit with a bustle to walk down the aisle. “The fact that we get to work together, have adventures and laugh the whole way through it is such a special gift that I never take for granted!”

The pals met and “fell in love” at a figure skating competition in 2013 — and they’ve been super-tight ever since. Together, the duo work as NBC commentators covering culture, food and fashion at events like the Kentucky Derby, the Rio Olympics and figure skating championships.

“He’s my very best friend,” Lipinski, 35, tells PEOPLE. “We’ve been through a lot of great times and a lot of horrible times together, and I think we just have this special bond that is hard to find. I wanted him to know how special he was.”

To show her appreciation of her friendship, Lipinski arranged for the bridesman’s favorite Lady Gaga song, “Bad Romance,” to play as he walked down the aisle — a total surprise.

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“Tara is one of most loving and caring people I’ve ever met, so to see her find the love of her life and see them make it official was like a fairytale,” says Weir. “It was hard for me to hold back tears of happiness for a woman who means so much to me.”

Weir, tasked with giving a bridesman toast at the wedding, says he wasn’t exactly truthful about preparing the speech ahead of time.

“I like to speak completely off the cuff so I didn’t prepare anything. I spoke from my heart, which is the only way I know how,” he explains. “I promised Tara months ago that I was preparing and scripting, but I lied to her so she wouldn’t ask for a copy of the speech. I wanted her to feel what I was saying, not to have read it months prior.

“I wanted her to know how much I love her and how much I love Todd and their fairytale was the inspiration of my speech.”

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His strategy paid off: Lipinski says it was the “best wedding speech” she’s ever heard.

“I was crying,” she says. “It meant so much to me because our friendship is so unique in the world we live in and work in, but to hear him talk about how he feels about me, it was so beautiful I was crying to hear him. He was so honest about his feelings, about partnership and about things he’s been through in his life and how it’s impacted him and changed him in ways — it was so beautiful to hear him speak.”

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