The shootout specialist is a breakout star as the U.S. team stuns Russia 3-2

By Andrea Billups
Updated February 15, 2014 02:00 PM
Mark Humphrey/AP

He scored four goals in Team USA’s dramatic 3-2 victory over Russia in Olympic hockey competition Saturday morning.

But the boyishly handsome T.J. Oshie was denying he was any sort of hero when media dubbed him a breakout star of the Sochi games.

“The American heroes are wearing camo. That’s not me,” he told reporters after the stunning win, in a moment of patriotism that is sure to add to his rising star power.

What to know about the shootout master?

1. He’s a twentysomething Washingtonian
He’s 27 and a native of Washington state who played high-school hockey in Warroad, Minn., later attending the University of North Dakota, where he dropped out of his senior year to turn pro, according to

2. He’s attached
Feel free to swoon and dream – but Oshie has a longtime girlfriend, Lauren Cosgrove, according to Larry Brown Sports.

3. He wasn’t picked first
Oshie plays right wing for the NHL’s St. Louis Blues, wearing No. 74, a number he continues to use on the Olympic team, for which he was one of the last players picked for this year’s squad, Sports Illustrated reported.

4. He’s got some music cred
The hockey star is name-checked in a 2009 song called “Badass” from the group Bouncing Souls.

5. He’s from a hockey family
He comes from a family of hockey pros. Oshie’s first cousin Gary Sargent and second cousin Henry Boucha both played in the NHL.