"He's one of my favorite humans not just quarterbacks," Mark Sanchez says about one of the NFL players

Mark Sanchez is scoring the men following in his footsteps in the NFL.

The former quarterback and sports commentator, 33, stopped by PEOPLE TV's Reality Check this week and chatted about some of football's current impressive quarterbacks from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Tom Brady to the Dallas Cowboy's Dak Prescott.

Asked to share his opinion on the men, Sanchez — who played for the New York Jets, the Cowboys, the Chicago Bears, and the Washington Football Team during his career — didn't hold back.

First up? Brady, 43, who Sanchez said, "I don't know if he has any weaknesses."

"He has that Mamba mentality that's become popular since the passing of Kobe Bryant and it is a commitment to this higher standard and he is unrelenting," he continued of Brady. "He is in a constant pursuit in a competitive edge and it shows in what he's willing to sacrifice. ... You sacrifice a lot."

Tom Brady
Tom Brady
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He also had high praise for young, superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, 25. Part of Mahomes' success — who, this year, signed the largest contract in sports history — is his Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

Said Sanchez: "He knows the strength of being associated with a head coach like Andy Reid so he's hitched his trailer to him for 10 years, for half a billion dollars, I'm sure you've seen the contract."

But, "Forget the money part — I know that's crazy to say, but you can tell when players love to play the game and the money is — you love football for football, not because of what football gets you, and he's that guy."

Other QBs to watch out for in the league? The Green Bay Packers' veteran player Aaron Rodgers, 36, who Sanchez said "is on a scorched earth tour right now."

"Talk about flipping the bird to a lot of doubters, that's Aaron Rodgers right now," Sanchez explained on the show. "And he's got that same thing: commitment to excellence, he's set a gold standard for a long time."

Aaron Rodgers Dak Prescott
Aaron Rodgers (left) and Dak Prescott
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One person close to Sanchez's heart? Current Cowboys quarterback Prescott, who is currently out after injuring his ankle during a game earlier this month.

Sanchez told Reality Check that he was there for Prescott's rookie year and that the player is "one of my favorite humans not just quarterbacks."

"Talk about a guy who has been through more than a lifetime worth of emotion, sorrow and pain and losing his mom then losing his brother recently," Sanchez explained, referencing both the athlete's mother and brother's deaths. "This kid was so mature when I got there, and part of that was because of his life experience. ... When you see him go down, every positive vibe and blessing and prayer you can send to him."