Google Home's Super Bowl Ad Reportedly Sets Off Viewers' Devices

Google' Super Bowl ad for their home device set off some viewers' own devices

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Okay, Google — distinguish between real life and commercials.

Apparently Google’s touching Super Bowl ad for its Home product worked a little too well for some viewers who already own the device. Within minutes of the clip airing on Sunday, owners were taking to Twitter to discuss how the commercial set off their home devices.

Apparently, people’s devices began trying to answer the ad as if it were a real person in the home speaking to them, and madcap hilarity ensued.

And while at least Amazon customer didn’t share the experience …

… apparently a similar incident occurred earlier this month, when a commercial spurred people’s Amazon’s Alexa device to order dollhouses after hearing reports of a girl who commanded her device to do the same.

This kind of thing never happened with Skynet.

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