"I went from being one of the longer hitters on the PGA Tour, to arguably leading the PGA Tour in driving distance," Bryson DeChambeau tells PEOPLE
Bryson Dechambeau
Bryson DeChambeau
| Credit: Adam Hurley

This year has been one of transformation for Bryson DeChambeau.

The pro golfer, 26, impressed fans earlier this summer after hitting multiple 400-yard drives and bulking up his frame. In fact, DeChambeau's gained a total of 40 pounds in the past few years — 20 of which was over the three-month PGA hiatus due to COVID-9 earlier this year.

"My changes in my diet and training have drastically transformed my game," he tells PEOPLE, now. "I am working out two times per day, sometimes even more and I just feel like I am constantly getting stronger. I went from being one of the longer hitters on the PGA Tour, to arguably leading the PGA Tour in driving distance."

Part of that success, DeChambeau says, has been adding Orgain protein shakes into his diet. In fact, he has five or six shakes a day — which he admits "sounds like a lot."

"But I love the quality of the product and the taste is so much better than any other protein product I have ever used," he says. "The shakes keep me going throughout the day."

DeChambeau says that the shakes have helped him "effortlessly consume my goal caloric intake in a short amount of time over the course of the day."

The athlete also owes thanks to his trainer Greg Ropskof, who he says "came up with an amazing technique for the body that helps transform how the neuromuscular system is functioning."

Bryson Dechambeau
Bryson DeChambeau
| Credit: Adam Hurley

"A lot of people don’t align the neurological side to the muscular side, not realizing that it’s a whole system that needs to be functioning properly together in order to be as mobile as possible, produce as much force as possible, and to feel as fit and healthy as possible," DeChambeau continues. "Nutrition played a big part in it also, the stronger I got and the bigger I got, I had to increase my protein, carbohydrate, and calorie intake to gain and keep muscle."

There was little downtime for DeChambeau while the PGA was suspended, with the golfer working out twice a day "or more." He has an HD golf simulator in his house, which helped him fine-tune his swing while courses remained closed across the country.

And the California native was ready to come back, though he admits it's a different experience without fans, who he calls "an important part of the PGA Tour and our success."

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"I really miss the fans, because personally I feed off their energy," he tells PEOPLE. "While this certainly is a different experience without them, I have tried to continue to stay focused on my game and will welcome the time when we have fans rooting for us in person again."

And DeChambeau's also been "really pleased" with his post-shutdown performance. "I worked extremely hard during our off time to help take my body to the next level and feel it is paying off," he says. "With a win and four tops 10s, I’m happy. There is always room for improvement and I am going to continue to push myself."