Gold & Silver Medalist Hannah Teter Goes Green

She's a vegetarian, charitable giver and plans to live in a yurt!

Photo: Todd Korol/Reuters/Landov

With her second-place finish at the Vancouver Olympics in last week’s women’s halfpipe snowboard event, Hannah Teter now has medals in two colors: gold and silver. But if they were to design an award just for her, the color would have to be green.

“I went out last week and bought $200 worth of flowers and put them in my room by my bed – roses, lilies and lilacs,” the earthy Teter, 23, tells PEOPLE. “When you surround yourself with nature, it’s really powerful. Everything makes a difference.”

She doesn’t just surround herself with it, Teter reveals she’s a vegetarian and puts the best stuff in her bod.

“I started that last year and feel stronger mentally and physically, and springier,” she says, noting too that more people would become vegetarians if they knew how animals were slaughtered. Teeter starts each day with a power smoothie, and for dinner loves cooking stir-fry vegetarian dishes with a side of Quinoa, a high-protein grain similar to brown rice.

“I don’t overcook, because you lose what’s good in the food,” she says.

In addition to eating healthy, Teter wants to live greener overall, too. “I’m moving into a yurt in the woods near my parents’ home in Vermont,” she says about inhabiting a portable tent-like dwelling. Her father produces maple syrup on the property that Hannah sells for her charity Hannah’s Gold. The money goes to the needy in Kenya and Haiti, and her sponsor Samsung granted $30,000 to the charity on Saturday in recognition of Hannah’s silver medal.
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“I will live in the yurt part time,” Teter says. “Mom has huge garden and fruit trees, and I love it there. I helped my parents get solar power this past year, and I’ll be running on solar and hopefully wind power with my yurt so I can be completely off the grid.”

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