Minnesota Vikings player Kyle Rudolph discovered an eBay listing for the gloves that showed the pair sold for $375

By Jason Duaine Hahn
January 09, 2020 03:02 PM
Kyle Rudolph
Credit: Frederick Breedon/Getty

Minnesota Vikings player Kyle Rudolph used social media this week to voice his disappointment after spotting a pair of his donated gloves on eBay instead of the charity event he was told it would benefit.

Rudolph caught the game-winning touchdown on Sunday in the game against the New Orleans Saints. It was a career-defining moment for the 30-year-old tight end, and in the locker room after the game, Rudolph says a “member of the media” approached him and asked if he would donate his gloves for an upcoming charity event.

Rudolph obliged, and even signed the gloves before handing them over.

Then, just three days later, a Twitter user alerted Rudolph to an eBay listing featuring the gloves.

“I saw this… it’s disappointing,” Rudolph responded. “A member of the media in the locker room after the game asked if he could have my gloves for a charity benefit, so I said of course and I will even sign them for you! Well he got me, sold on eBay 3 days later.”

The gloves sold for just $375.

“And to clarify it was not anyone I knew,” Rudolph later tweeted. “So wasn’t a local reporter I see daily or national reporter. Locker room was a zoo, he asked for them, I said of course and even offered to sign them.”

But just hours after the tweets went viral, Jason King, the person who purchased the gloves from the eBay auction, reached out to Rudolph to let him know the items will end up benefiting a charity after all.

“I’m the guy who bought them,” King wrote to the tight end on Wednesday. “I will gladly donate to a charity of your choice.”

Rudolph wrote back requesting the gloves go to the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

“Hey Jason, really cool of you to do this!” he tweeted back. “@UMNChildrens will greatly appreciate it and I will make sure to get you my pair from this weekends game!”

King told ESPN that the eBay seller did not indicate in their communications that the proceeds from the gloves were going to charity.

He is still waiting for a confirmation that the gloves have been shipped.

“If I end up receiving the gloves, I would like them to be displayed at the children’s hospital in honor of Kyle,” he told the outlet. “I have four kids myself, and I really appreciate the work he does off the field.”

According to ESPN, eBay also made a donation to the children’s hospital.

You can donate to Rudolph’s campaign benefitting UMN Children’s Hospital through their website here.