Gabby Douglas, Is That You? See the Olympian's Shocking Transformation on 'Undercover Boss'

Gold medalist Gabby Douglas is completely unrecognizable in an upcoming episode of Undercover Boss

Gabby Douglas is looking a bit different lately.

The Olympic gymnast — who won two gold medals at the London games in 2012, and another at the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro — is making an appearance on Friday’s episode of Celebrity Undercover Boss, but don’t blame yourself if you can’t recognize her.

Douglas rocks prosthetics, a wig, and a whole lot of makeup to completely change her appearance.

The Olympian went undercover as Diane Anderson, a middle-aged office manager with dreams of opening a gymnastics school for kids. Under the guise of creating a documentary to learn more about the world of gymnastics, she visits a gym and meets with a young gymnast named Kaliya and her parents.

In one clip, “Diane” teeters on the balance beam, pretending she’s never been on one before. She also struggled through the stretches with a class of young gymnasts.

In another video, she claims she isn’t familiar with Gabby Douglas, or what her accomplishments are.

Shadae, the owner of the gym Douglas-in-disguise was visiting, told “Diane” about Douglas’s historic accomplishments as an African American gymnasts, and how Douglas’ victories are inspiring the girls Shadae coaches at her own gym.

“That really touched my heart,” Douglas said afterwards, after shedding her “Diane” disguise. “Knowing what I’ve done and paved the way for these other girls, I can’t believe it.”

How will the girls react to finding out the middle-aged woman attempting to do the splits is actually their gymnastics hero? Well, you’ll have to tune in to the full episode to find out.

Douglas’ episode of Celebrity Undercover Boss airs this Friday at 8 p.m./7 p.m. central on CBS.

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