Harry How/Getty Images; Peter Iovino/Touchstone Pictures
Kara Warner
August 03, 2016 11:15 AM

Have you ever wondered if the world’s best athletes ever get inspired by fictional sports heroes? Hint: They do!

As part of their ‘I Love Movies’ series, Fandango polled Olympians – past and present – about which moments in sports movies like The Blind Side, Creed, The Sandlot and Stick It have inspired them in real life.

Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad says The Blind Side made a huge impression on her. “The Blind Side is my favorite sports movie,” she says in the video. “I love that Michael believed in his talent after Sandra Bullock‘s [character] told him he could be great. I remember as an athlete the first time my coach told me I could be one of the best in the world. It also was the first time in my life where I truly believed I could be one of the best.”

Harry How/Getty Images; Peter Iovino/Touchstone Pictures

Wrestler Jordan Burroughs says the 1993 coming-of-age baseball comedy The Sandlot is his favorite because of the elements it presents.

“I think it brings the essence of a realistic life,” says Burroughs. “From being a kid, playing at the local playground, hoping and having big dreams and aspirations of playing at the highest level someday.”


Meanwhile gymnast Gabby Douglas‘ pick is slightly predictable: her fave sports movie is the gymnastics dramedy Stick It.

“The reason I love Stick It is because it’s kind of every gymnasts dream, to control the results,” she says. “To kind of do what we want out on the floor and turn the tables around.”

Other athletes featured in the video are: diver Troy Dumais, BMX racer Connor Fields, Ryan Lochte, Seth Young, Missy Franklin and other current Team USA members.

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