Floyd Mayweather Says His Garage Filled with Luxury Cars Looks Like an 'Indoor Dealership'

Floyd Mayweather showed off his collection of black luxury vehicles — several of the sports cars being Rolls-Royces and Bentleys

It looks like Floyd Mayweather might have a new day job!

On Wednesday, the famed former professional boxer, 42, posted a photo of his lavish indoor garage, showing off just ten of his black luxury vehicles — several of the cars being Rolls-Royces and Bentleys.

“My garage looking like an indoor dealership with a few light toys,” the athlete joked on Twitter.

Fans on the social media platform shared their reaction to the dealership-style garage photo, some criticizing the athlete for the lack of color in the cluster of cars.

“Get some variety….this is sad,” one user wrote.

A second said, “That’s a lot of wasted money on basically the same car.”

Another Twitter user defended the car-lover’s collection and said, “It’s not wasted money when you have the money to spend.”

But Mayweather’s garage isn’t even the fanciest part of his home.

In 2017, the boxer shared a series of Instagram videos, showing off his Beverly Hills mansion, which includes a massive 50-seat home theater equipped with a giant snack bar installed outside the theater, stacked with every candy and snack one would need while watching a film or in Mayweather’s case, SportsCenter.

“Grabbing a few snacks before watching Sportscenter in my Beverly Hills Palace movie theatre, that comfortably seats 50 people,” he captioned the video.

The star also shared a photo of his backyard swimming pool, writing, “The grass ain’t greener on the other side. #Beverly Hills #90210 #TBE #TMT.”

Mayweather, who won the much-anticipated boxing match against MMA champion Conor McGregor in August 2017, also showed off his fully stocked wine cellar.

Aside from a wall featuring rows and rows of wine, the cellar also has a long marble table for guests to sit and enjoy a glass of vino.

In addition to his cellar, Mayweather also showed off his championship belts, along with two Emmy Awards that appeared to be in his home and his Hublot watch collection.

The boxer bought the Beverly Hills property — which he calls his “palace” and “castle” — early in September 2017.

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