They even got to meet Bo and Sunny!

Credit: Source: The White House/Instagram

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen national treasures, the Final Five, out and about together. Understandably so, as they’ve been busy: Laurie’s bringing in top score after top score on Dancing with the Stars; Simone’s been making music videos; Madison met her idol, Carrie Underwood; Gabby Douglas judged the Miss America pageant; and Aly, presumably, has been napping a lot. And they’re all hard at work on tour across the United States.

But it’s been a tough time without our five favorite gymnasts – so the country let out a collective sigh of relief when four of the five (Gabby was home recovering after having her wisdom teeth removed) headed to the White House to meet the President, First Lady and Vice President on Thursday.

Luckily for us, they took over the White House Instagram for the occasion – and gave us Rio flashbacks in their warm-ups and patriotic Eagle tees.

They may be gold medal winners, but even the Final Five get nervous to meet the leader of the free world. So they prepared the same way they do for a gymnastics competition – with some light stretching, of course.

DWTS contestant Laurie couldn’t resist showing off a move or two in the State Dining Room.

Len would give it a 10!

She also gave old Abe Lincoln (well, at least a statue of him) a quick peck.

Then came the main event: meeting President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Although that was nothing compared to the excitement that followed: meeting first dogs Bo and Sunny!

And obviously, Michelle got the girls to put in a plug for healthy eating.

When you’re at the White House, it’s what you do!

The President tried to show off his own gymnastics abilities – unfortunately, his split just doesn’t compare.

But no worries – the Final Five still gave him a “perfect 10.”

And to end the day, Simone presented the president and first lady with a surfboard – a gift from all the athletes on Team USA.

It’s complete with plenty of Team USA signatures.

D.C. was just stop one for the jetsetting team, however – they’re heading to Dallas tonight for their next show!