Figure Skater Gracie Gold Recreated the Trailer for 1992's 'The Cutting Edge' — and It's Too Cute

The 24-year-old figure skater — an Olympic bronze medalist — recreated the fun movie trailer for beauty brand Julep

Gracie Gold says she’s in the middle of a “comeback” — so recreating a beloved figure skating movie about just that was, really, the perfect fit.

As part of beauty brand Julep’s Eye on the Prize campaign, the 24-year-old figure skater — an Olympic bronze medalist — recreated the fun movie trailer for 1992 romantic comedy The Cutting Edge.

The Cutting Edge follows a figure skater and a hockey player’s unlikely pairing as they vie for Olympic glory, and starred D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly. In Julep’s recreation, Gold takes on Kelly’s role, while Sweeney’s own son, Cade Sweeney, steps into his skates.

“This is maybe the best thing I’ve ever been a part of,” Gold tells PEOPLE, adding, “It’s just a great movie — it’s not even just a great a skating movie.”

She says of signing on for the campaign, “It kind of resonated with me from the beginning, because that’s really what we’ve been doing: just laying low, keeping our head down and just working, working, working on skating.”

Gold, of course, is referencing her return to the professional competition circuit after first announcing in 2017 that she would be seeking professional help to deal with depression and an eating disorder.

Last year, the champion opened up for the first time about the harrowing battle with mental health that led her to withdraw from both the sport and her life in general in an emotional new New York Times profile by Karen Crouse.

“I thought that it was really important to share the truth about what happened and not just, ‘Oh, I just needed a break because I didn’t feel skating anymore’ ” she tells PEOPLE now, shortly after taking the ice at nationals in Greensboro, North Carolina, and placing in 12th overall.

Of her triumphant return to nationals, Gold says, “It was really incredible.”

“It had been a long time since I was at nationals and my 2017 left a lot to be desired,” she tells PEOPLE, adding, “Every day, I was like, ‘When I stand in that spot, I want to look back and be like, “We did the most that we could and we didn’t just take it easy” ‘ We really committed because I did have my eye on that one thing, which was showing up at this U.S. nationals and having people be like, ‘Oh okay, she’s back back and she’s going to be top of the country again.’ ”

And for major competitions, part of Gold’s pre-skate preparation ritual is doing her own makeup.

That’s part of what makes her partnership with Julep a perfect fit.

Figure Skating - Winter Olympics Day 13
Matthew Stockman/Getty

Products Gold praises from the brand include The Works Brow Pencil, the Ready, Set, Reset Brightening and Resurfacing Mask, Eyeshadow 101 and Skip The Brush Crème-to-Powder Blush Stick in Sweet Peach.

“Figure skating is a very glamorous sport, especially compared to the other winter sports — which, a lot of them, you wear a helmet for. So ours is one where you actually get to see our face and full makeup is, well, you need it,” she explains. “It’s our armor, so to speak.”

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