February 16, 2018 09:10 PM

Winter has come for German figure skater Paul Fentz.

The 2018 Winter Olympian — who lit up Twitter while skating to a jazzy version of the ’90s Oasis hit “Wonderwall” a day earlier — hit social media gold again with his free skate Saturday morning (Friday evening stateside) when he chose to compete dressed as a Lannister, and skated to music from the HBO mega-hit Game of Thrones.

His choices delighted commentator Tara Lipinski, who declared herself to be a huge fan of the show.

“It was not his best, but a Lannister always pays his debts,” she declared, as fellow commentator and BFF Johnny Weir teased her for being “Cersei” for her critiques.

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Most of Twitter slow-clapped the performance, with one user noting that “the German ice skater cosplaying Jaime Lannister and dancing to the Game of Thrones theme wins a gold medal at life.”

“Omg the German skater with the insane cover of Wonderwall last night is skating to the Game of Thrones music tonight. GIVE HIM ALL THE MEDALS,” tweeted another.

Here’s a few more reactions:

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“Germany’s ice skater is performing to the Games of Thrones soundtrack and I’m HERE. FOR. IT.”

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