Dwyane Wade Taps Tony Finau for Golf Tips Courtside at Utah Jazz Game

Dwyane Wade and pro golfer Tony Finau were seen chatting about golf while sitting next to each other at a Utah Jazz game

Dwyane Wade and Tony Finau
Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty; Warren Little/Getty

Dwyane Wade got some golf tips from one of the pros at Wednesday's Utah Jazz game.

The former NBA star, 39 — who is part-owner of the Jazz — was seen sitting courtside next to PGA Tour pro Tony Finau, where the golfer was spotted seemingly giving Wade some advice on how to perfect his swing.

In a clip posted by Jazz co-owner Ryan Smith, Wade and Finau, 32, are shown chatting during the game while Finau appears to demonstrate how to hold his wrist before hitting the golf ball.

"Love to see it … Lesson: Always be in learning mode," Smith wrote, tagging Wade, Finau and the PGA Tour Twitter account.

Dwyane Wade and Tony Finau
Dwyane Wade and Tony Finau. Ryan Smith/YouTube

NBA commentators noticed the interaction too, and remark in the clip shared by Smith, "That is Tony … and D Wade," and go on to speculate what the two men are talking about.

"And so it's just a smooth follow-through, right? Yeah it's easy, it's easy," one commentator adds, while another jokes, "That's a free lesson right there."

Wade retweeted Smith's post, telling his followers he seized the opportunity to learn from one of golf's greats.

"If I'm sitting by greatness..I'm definitely asking for advice! Don't be too cool kids," Wade wrote.

Finau chimed in too, also retweeting Smith's video and adding, "Pleasure spending time with the legend @DwyaneWade what a gem of a guy. My man @RyanQualtrics keeps the coolest company."

Wade retired from the NBA in 2018, and while he's since stepped off the court, he's been spending plenty of time on the course. Wade has picked up golf in recent years, playing with Tiger Woods in the Golf Digest series just before Woods, 45, was injured in a serious car accident in February.

Shortly after Woods' accident, Wade said he was first inspired to try out golf because of the legendary athlete.

"I picked up the golf club, like many in the Black community, because of Tiger Woods," Wade told Inside the NBA at the time. "I got that opportunity yesterday to get out there and he taught me a few things — hopefully, it translates — but to be out there with the G.O.A.T., in my eyes, in that sport, and to talk to him about [his two children] and his father, it was a great day."

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