"My wife is very, very, very smart when it comes to everything in life," Wade says

By Alex Heigl
Updated October 01, 2015 04:35 PM

Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade is on the cover of this month’s Ocean Drive magazine, and the 33-year-old star opens up about his relationship with Gabrielle Union, his children and what it means to age as an athlete.

Union, 42, “can give me a different perspective sometimes; support, other times,” Wade says.

“My wife is very, very, very smart when it comes to everything in life,” he continues. “She’s been through a lot. She’s seen a lot. Her voice is wanted not only from me, but the kids as well. They have a mother and she’s not trying to replace their mother, but in our household, she’s the lady in charge and they respect her for it.”

Building on those comments, Wade talked about how parenting changes when raising teen boys: “My son and my nephew who I have custody of as well, are both 13 years old. They’re teenagers now, so they’re reaching a whole new venture in life. I’ve been 13. I get it. When you get to a certain age, girls become the thing and that’s all you care about – girls and sports. I want them to be comfortable having those conversations with us. That’s not the easiest thing, but I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far.”

Wade also touches on what it means to grow older in a field as youth-oriented as professional sports.

“They told me when I was young, ‘Listen, you only got so many falls in you, kid,’ and I knew that. My thing is you only got so much opportunity to play this game. While I had this thoroughbred body when I was young I was going to use it and play the way I wanted to play. Now, when your body is different, and you’re on the other side of 30, you have to be a little smarter with the way you play.”