"Watching her overcome this fear was so damn inspiring. I am a proud son," Dwyane Wade said on Monday

By Jason Duaine Hahn
August 18, 2020 02:31 PM
Credit: Bobby Metelus/Getty

Dwyane Wade praised his 65-year-old mother for facing her fear of swimming with a sweet message posted to social media.

On Monday, the Miami Heat legend uploaded photos to his Instagram page of his mother, Jolinda Wade, swimming in a pool while being helping by an instructor.

"For as long as I can remember my mother has said she’s gonna learn how to swim one day," Dwyane wrote in the caption of the post. "Well, today was that day. At 65 years old and after 51 years of not going into pool water. My mother conquered her fear of swimming today."

"Watching her overcome this fear was so damn Inspiring," the 38-year-0ld athlete continued. "I am a proud son."

Dwyane also posted a picture to his Instagram Story showing Jolinda in her bathing suit and raising her arms triumphantly in the air.

"Conquered her fear of swimming today!" Dwyane wrote. "You go girl aka mom."

The happy post earned more than 285,000 likes on Instagram, with many other commenters congratulating Jolinda on her milestone.

Olympic swimmer Simone Manuel reached out, calling Jolinda's feat "amazing." Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, wrote an excited "YES!" in the comments section of the post, and Gabrielle Union, Dwyane's wife of nearly six years, responded to the news by writing, simply, "new beginnings."

Dwyane and his mother have maintained a close relationship, even through challenging times. Jolinda has been open about spending time in prison for possession of drugs and how she was able to turn her life around once she attended church.

"I used to be one that was called 'the problem,'" Jolinda told the Chicago Tribune in 2016. "To get to a space and a place where you are now looked at as 'the solution' is right there humbling in itself."

To celebrate his mother's growth, Dwyane surprised Jolinda with her own church, Temple of Praise, in 2008.

"I respect my mother so much, from the life that she used to live and to see her today in the life that she lives. I'm so proud of her," Dwyane told Associated Press, via ESPN. "Everybody thinks I'm the miraculous story in the family. I think she is. I think what I've done means I've been very blessed, but she's been more than blessed. She's been anointed."

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After Dwyane's surprise, Jolinda had a telling response that, considering her accomplishment in the pool this week, still rings true today.

"I feel reborn," she said after her son gifted her the church. "Matter of fact, I feel reborn every day. There's always something new every day. I just thank God for the experience."