While the New Orleans Saints quarterback addressed what will factor into the decision, he hasn't made any announcement about 2020 yet
Drew Brees
Drew Brees
| Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty

Drew Brees is confident he has a few more years left in him, but he’s not quite ready to confirm what next season has in store for him.

The New Orleans Saints quarterback, who will turn 41 this month, addressed his future with the NFL just days after his team’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the wild card playoffs.

“Listen, it’s not a matter of if I can still play. I know I can still play,” he said during an interview on WWL Radio. “And if I really wanted to, I could probably play for another 3 or 4 years.”

Brees, who is heading into free agency, went on to add that while he’s confident his skill set is still there, he wants to retire “on my own terms.”

“At the end of the day, when that decision is made, I don’t want to walk away from this game because I have 32 teams telling me I can’t play anymore,” he said. “I want to do it on my own terms and when that time comes, I’ll know.”

Another factor that will make an impact on Brees’ decision is his family.

“I’ve played 30 years of organized football, 19 years of professional football. Those 30 years, that’s three-quarters of my life. I’ve devoted myself to this for so long and had my family sacrifice for so long,” he explained to the outlet. “These are all the things you take into account when making a decision like that.”

Brees and wife Brittany, who have been married since 2003, are parents to four children.

However, when pressed to specify if he would be returning for another season, Brees laughed before remarking, “I’m not saying anything yet.”

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Brees has played with the Saints for over a decade, since joining the team in 2006. In 2006, the athlete helped lead his team to their first-ever Super Bowl victory and was also named the game’s MVP.

This December, months after returning following hand surgery, Brees broke Payton Manning’s record of career touchdown passes, as well as sett a new record for single-game completion percentage.

He is currently the second-oldest quarterback in the league, behind Tom Brady, who turned 42 in August.